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The Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thomas Thabane says relations among them as politicians and their political parties are at their worst.

In his official opening remarks at the political leaders’ consultative meeting held at Avani Lesotho on Monday, the Prime Minister said political polarisation has become deeply entrenched.

“All these factors underline the need for Lesotho to urgently change course.

“As indicated in the roadmap for reforms proposed by Government, 'every nation reaches a moment by Government in history when it turns the page and crosses rivers of despair and desperation, scales the mountain of faith and hope, and descends into the valleys of success and progress,” he highlighted.

Dr Thabane said for them as politicians, this is the time, adding that collectively they have multitudes of followers on whom they wield huge influence.

He empathised that relations among themselves and their posture in the political arena influence behaviour in their followers.

“The time for us to work together for the benefit of our Country and People is now,” underscored.

The Prime Minister said they are a nation founded on peace and unity, saying the founder of Basotho nation, the late King Moshoeshoe I, built Lesotho on a foundation of consensus, peace and diplomacy among Basotho and between Basotho and their neighbours.

He said the time has come for them to pick up the gauntlet and bridge the gulf between them as politicians.

He said today's platform affords them an opportunity to have frank discussions and open dialogue in identifying factors that impede meaningful cooperation among themselves and share ideas on how political parties may join hands in building a peaceful and united Lesotho.

In this regard, he said they are all encouraged to be free in sharing their concerns, but even as they do so, let them exemplify brotherly and sisterly love and respect.

The Prime Minister said the much anticipated National Reforms will remain utopia if, as politicians, they do not harmonise their thoughts and thinking towards a common understanding.

He said today's meeting is, but the first in the right direction, let them all resolve to make it a success as they look forward to future similar meetings. 

“A new Lesotho that is politically stable, safe and prosperous, where the rule of law is the norm and politics serve every Mosotho as the open field for free debate and equitable participation in national life, is an ideal we must cherish,” he concluded. 

Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) Chairperson Arch Bishop Tlali Lerotholi urged the participants to learn to understand each other and to strive for peace and tolerance.

He said CCL made the political leaders sign a pledge as a commitment towards reforms process which are inclusive and participatory.

Present at the Political Parties Leaders Consultative meeting were all stakeholders drawn from the political parties present in Lesotho and civic organisations as well as other international organisations in the country.


Source: LENA 12/02/2018



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