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The Minister of Energy and Meteorology completed a three-day launch of rural electrification project in three constituencies of Machache, Mount Moorosi and Malibamatso this week.

While launching the project in the Machache Constituency in Maseru district on Thursday, Mr. Mokoto Hloaele said 259 households as well as Masapong Primary School will be connected with electricity to an estimated tune of M1. 6 million, saying the villages to benefit in the project are Ha Mphokhe, Ha Ntsi, Ha Sekete and Ha Ratau.

He said this will be without any discrimination during the electrification process as no residents will be skipped, noting that even those who did not join the scheme will not be left out, however said it will be easy for those who joined the scheme to settle the government loan of M2, 000 fee while buying electricity.

Meanwhile in Malibamatso in the Leribe district, the project covers four villages of Ha Tsehla, Ha Koali, Ha Mopeli and Ha Tsooa all to be connected with electricity between December this year and April next year.

Officially launching the project the Minister said the present coalition government consisting of four political parties decided that electricity should be connected in all villages without jumping straight to Ha Seshote while leaving behind villages in between.

He added that government decided to subsidize the initiative so to assist the communities, saying the total cost for each household was supposed to be M13, 000 but now with the subsidy, each household will pay M2, 000.

Mr. Hloaele stressed that villagers will get proper training on safe use of electricity as some of the villagers will be using electricity for the first time.

He said schools nearby will also be connected with electricity in order to enable students to learn computers.

The four villages will be connected with electricity to a tune of over M6 million.

Meanwhile on Thursday, the Minister also launched another similar initiative in Quthing.


Source: LENA 08/12/2017

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