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In a packed chamber, 31 Members of Senate of the Tenth Parliament were on Tuesday sworn-in during a Special Meeting following a change of government.

During this Special meeting, Mrs. Mamonaheng Mokitimi was elected as the new female President of the Senate (Upper House), the gesture which is believed to be a transformation in Lesotho’s female representation on governance and also coming at a time when Lesotho needs to make some reforms.

Mrs. Mokitimi is the former Vice President of the Eighth Parliament, and second female Parliamentary President after Ms. Ntlhoi Motsamai who has been President in the National Assembly during the Ninth Parliament and several others that preceded it. She succeeds Chief Seeiso Bereng Seeiso who was the President of the Senate in the ninth Parliament of Lesotho.

In the same meeting, Mr. Ts’epo Monethi was elected as Vice- President of the House, succeeding Mr. Futho Hoohlo.

Meanwhile, Senators comprising 21 Principal Chiefs but the Principal Chief of Matsieng and 10 others took an oath of allegiance prior to resuming their duties as Members of the Upper House in the third coalition of Lesotho’s democracy.

Apart from the Principal Chiefs, the Clerk of Senate, Mr. Khotso Manamolela asserted that the total of 11 Senators is appointed by His Majesty the King as per the advice of the Council of State to become members of the House. 

Such appointments as read by the Clerk of Senate are Senators; Tsukutlane Au, Kotiti Liholo, Lebohang Hlaele, Mokoto Hloaele, Qajela Lebona, Rethabile Marumo, ‘Mampho Mokhele, ‘Makholu Moshoeshoe, 'Mamotsie Motsie and Dr Ntoi Rapapa.

Speaking during this special meeting, one of the new senators, Mr. Kotiti Liholo expressed their appreciation over the day’s exercise saying it was a job well done. He further noted that it is high time Basotho realised that as their representatives either having gone to parliament by appointment or election, one is expected to dedicate one’s efforts to addressing the concerns of the people and come up with lasting solutions enabling sustained transformation such as developing the infrastructure and improving living standards.

Dr Ntoi Rapapa on the other hand pledged to enable a conducive climate for Lesotho’s stability, economic growth and fair allocation of government resources while he also said job creation is on the list of their priorities.

He meanwhile said the new face of Lesotho’s Senate Presidency is indicative of Lesotho’s effort in striving to place herself in par with the world standards of recognising women in democracy.

The Senate meanwhile adjourned sine die. 


Source: LENA 11/07/2017


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