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The Principal Chief of Matsieng, Chief Seeiso Bereng Seeiso has on Tuesday sworn in as Senator of the Tenth Parliament during the second meeting of the First Session.

The Upper House resumed after adjourning on August 10 and the swearing-in led by the Clerk of Senate saw the former President of the Upper House take oath to bear allegiance to His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors and to at all times abide by the laws and constitution of Lesotho.

It was after the swearing in that the President of the Senate Mrs. 'Mamonaheng Mokitimi welcomed the Senator whom she said is not new to the Upper House and expressed hope that he would contribute fruitfully to the debates and processes of the Upper House as an experienced member.

President Mokitimi further expressed belief that Chief Seeiso would share his experience with other members of the House to help execute its mandated oversight responsibility.

Members thus took turns congratulating the newly sworn-in Senator and among such was the Chief Whip of Senate, Chief Khoabane Theko who declared that they need Chief Seeiso to be a part of them as his contribution in taking the House forward in succeeding in the law making processes is much needed.

In the same vein Chief Peete Lesaoana Peete also congratulated the return of the Principal Chief of Matsieng in their midst noting his robust nature of engaging in the debates hence commended the officers of the Senate for facilitating that he comes back soon to take oath.

The Principal Chief of Likhoele opined that Chief Seeiso's return into the Upper House would help reinforce the emancipation of the processes therein.

The Principal Chief of Matsieng returns to his office after conceding defeat during the contest for the Presidency of the Upper House and losing to the first ever female President in the 10th Parliament. 


Source: LENA 14/11/2017

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