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The National Assembly on Monday adopted two motions proposed by Law and Public Safety Cluster on the Aliens Control, and Lesotho Citizenship (Amendment Schedule Regulation) 2017.

Both the reports which were tabled by Chairperson of the Cluster, Mr. Lekhetho Mosito proposed an increase in the fees of visas for foreigners into the country, students included, and to increase fees of citizenship applications as the Chairperson said it is important to recognise and appreciate being a Mosotho, so it is befitting that fees are increased for those applicants to later on appreciate their naturalisation.

He also said this is to avoid keeping people who may not benefit this country economically when at the same time enjoy every rights that Basotho have.

The motion to adopt these reports was seconded by Advocate Lekhetho Rakuoane, of Popular Front for Democracy (PFD) who even proposed that the government must include in its database, those foreigners who are already in the country and have been naturalised, because currently there are no clear statistics, but only those who have forwarded their applications and those whose have been approved.

Adv. Rakuoane said the statistics will be helpful to the country in terms of planning.

It is during this same sitting that Mr.Kose Makoa made the House aware of the plan to have a South African artist which he said is known for nude performing to come to perform in Lesotho but suggested that she should not be allowed.

Then Leader of the House and Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Monyane Moleleki seconded the suggestion saying Lesotho is a country of Christianity and such things cannot be allowed to prevail.

He added that he is aware that there is a letter by the Prime Minister which makes his opinions about that very clear and he supports him that such artist cannot be allowed into the country.

Source: LENA 27/11/2017


Source: LENA 21/11/2017


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