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Lesotho's flag has fallen as its bearer hits the ground with his knees, succumbing to his death, a betrayal by those closest to him, and the nation coming before God with bowed heads and heavy hearts.

These were the words of Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Monyane Moleleki when describing the incident that has brought army members and civilians together at a memorial service of the slain Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Commander, Lieutenant General Khoantle Motso-Motso who was allegedly assassinated by his sub-ordinates on Tuesday last week.

Mr. Moleleki said a flag-bearer in any country signifies the sovereignty of that country, and if he or she is killed, then the flag is being dragged on dirt.

He wished for this death to be Lesotho's peace sacrifice but admitted that it looks like the Commander's death was planned well ahead of time, calling for all to accept that what is done is done.

It is in the same ceremony where Major General Lineo Poopa, Acting Commander regretted his and his colleagues' failure to protect their Commander and pleading to the nation to find it in their hearts to forgive them.

'We failed to protect Lieutenant General Motso-Motso, we have failed him, we have failed this nation, and we have failed the whole continent. We are sorry. There is nothing we can do to undo what has been done, except to work hard to restore public trust and make Basotho see us the way they should', he said.

Major General Poopa pledged to work hard and leave no stone unturned to find peace for the country and its citizens by uprooting all political elements that have invaded the army.

He also acknowledged that there are people within the army who have been scaring others that there is some kind of danger that is being planned against them, but when setting the record straight, he said there is no such thing, but all those who are involved in crime and the instability there will be legal action against them.

Describing his late predecessor, Major General Poopa called him a diligent, committed and straight forward individual who made sure that he did his job perfectly at all times.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police Keketso Monaheng explained the significance of the salute, saying it says to the one that is being directed to, 'I remain loyal to you, to my job, and I hold no kind of danger or malice towards you', continuing to ask why the two assassins gave their salute to the Commander when they knew that in their hearts only the opposite was reigning.

He added that this does not only reflect badly on the army but to all the disciplined forces and pledged to do all in their power to win the public's trust.

The Late Lieutenant General, Motso-Motso will be buried on Thursday at Ha Lesaoana in the Butha-Buthe district.

Source: LENA 11/09/2017

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