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The Prime Minister, Dr Pakalitha Mosisili says it is his will to ensure that Basotho are well informed and not misguided.

In his statement delivered on Monday evening, the Prime Minister said a motion of no confidence is nothing new in a democratic government as the constitution allows it, saying that by letting the motion be passed in Parliament the government allowed democracy to take its course.

He noted that in 2014, Parliament was prorogued for nine months by the then Prime Minister who later called for elections after the Southern African Development Community (SADC) intervened.

Dr Mosisili further commented that it is not true that government changed in 1997 when Dr Ntsu Mokhehle formed Lesotho Congress for Democracy and in 2012 when he, Dr Mosisili formed Democratic Congress, saying the only change was in the names of political parties and that both prime ministers had majority support in Parliament. Refuted

He refuted claims that Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) does not have money for the upcoming elections, public servants will not get their salaries in the new financial year, government will fall and that certain people will be arrested saying these are not true.

He said the upcoming elections will not be the first to take place without passing of the budget, saying same happened in 2015 when the country went for snap elections.

He therefore urged all Basotho to prepare and get ready for the elections.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister condemned rumours on social media that His Majesty was forced to approve the dissolution of the ninth Parliament and calling of the elections, saying His Majesty followed the law and that he was accordingly advice by the Council of State in calling for the elections.

He further warned people whom he said undermine the Office of the King, appealing to them to refrain from the practice as action will be taken against them, stressing that whoever undermines the King undermines the nation.


Source: LENA 20/03/2017



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