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The Southern African Customs Union (SACU) provides media with limited information thus  hindering them to do the job effectively.

This was stated by the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology Principal Secretary Mr. Ts'eliso Khomari at the SACU road show in Maseru on Wednesday.

He said that this will make things easier for all as people will get relevant information which help them understand the role of SACU and how it benefits each member state.

He expressed hope that at the initiative the media will be provided with enough information in order to familiarise it with SACU brand.

Mr. Khomari urged the SACU secretariat to create enough visibility in all its member states so to help them improve their economies.

He commended SACU for organizing the event, noting that since more events of the same nature could improve knowledge about the organosation hence advancement of member states’ development and citizens’ livelihoods.

At same occasion, SACU Secretary Ms. Paulina Elago said the objective of SACU is to facilitate the cross-border movement of goods between the territories of the member states, adding that they also create effective, transparent and democratic institutions which will ensure equitable trade benefits to member states.

She further pointed out that in Lesotho, SACU receipts accounted for 38 percent government revenue in 2015/2016. 

Ms. Elago said all SACU member states except Swaziland benefits from Africa Growth Opportunities Act (AGOA) which is the result of the negotiations the union entered in on behalf of its member states.

Media Institute of Southern African (MISA) Lesotho Director Mr. Tsebo Mats'asa said SACU should always ensure that information is accessible in order to allow media practitioners to do their job well.

He urged media to play their role thus to report accurately so to ensure that information disseminated to the people will assist them make informed decisions.

SACU delegation is currently on a three-day visit to carry out public awareness campaign which will end on Friday. The theme for the event is “Establishing Relationships with Stakeholders”. 

Source: LENA 22//03/2017



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